Our Vision and Values

As the oldest provincial rugby body in the southern hemisphere, the NSW Waratahs strive to maintain a position as one of Australia's leading, iconic sporting brands.

As the representative team of NSW, we represent our state with honour and passion. We have a clear vision and a set of values that will come across in everything that we do, on and off the field.

Our aim is to strive for excellence. We will leave no stone unturned and no effort behind as we make sure we are the top of our game and that we give NSW and everyone in it a team to be proud of.

A message to our members and fans

We believe that the community game in NSW is the strongest anywhere in Australia. Growing our talent the best we can from within and giving up and coming youngsters from this state a chance at professional rugby is part of our long term vision and an important part of who the NSW Waratahs are and what we're about.

Our ambition is to inspire and unite NSW rugby players with our desire to represent the state with pride. We will do whatever it takes to give everyone involved in rugby in this state a team they would be proud to be a part of in the future.

A message to our rugby community

As the oldest and most famous province in the Super Rugby competition, we have a big history as proud pioneers of the running game.

Our responsibility is to write the next chapter of history, with an attitude that says this is who we are. Everyone who watches the team play will get a clear picture of what we're about. We'll give our best and we'll do it all the time. We'll show you how much we want it and earn the right to wear the jersey and be competitive next season. The continued support of our dedicated members and fans is critical to our future success.

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