Reforms NSWRU strengthen the game and the future


By NSW Waratahs Media unit

The process of reform continued Monday night with the NSW Rugby Union meeting affiliate Unions to discuss a new governance model enabling rugby to operate more efficiently and effectively in the modern sporting era.

The Sydney Rugby Union, Junior’s, Schools and the Country and Suburban Rugby Unions along with members of the NSW and Waratah Boards, worked through the reforms with input from KPMG, Maddocks Lawyers and the Australian Sports Commission.

The Chief Executive Officer of NSW Rugby Andrew Hore said reform is required to allow rugby to function more successfully and to make the sport stronger.

“The current model represents the demands of a past era and a governance model is a vehicle to tell us how we organise ourselves and as a group we want to improve how we do that,” Hore said.

The Chairman of NSWRU Roger Davis says the meeting recognised a need to quickly reposition rugby in NSW and to secure the game’s future.

“We can’t do this if we are divided, if the pathways to success are fragmented, if there is no single winning culture,” Roger said.

“The code must represent more than a disjointed set of territorial kingdoms each with their own ambitions and interests that have little in common except a united love of rugby.”

The Chairman says it’s time for a change and that time is now.

“Let’s bring the game together because if we wish to make rugby the number one football game again, if we wish to address the many challenges we face and which impede us in our ambition, then it’s critical that we act now.”

Andrew Hore says the new governance model being considered will create avenues for issues and solutions to be heard, debated and solved across the rugby spectrum.

“We want to generate greater collaboration which will assist the sport in developing more effective and meaningful pathways for coaches, players and administrators.”

The process began with the strategic overview where governance reform was identified as an area that needed to change.

“We’ve conducted extensive consultations and presentations over the last year but we now need to move on and implement the constitutions and bylaws to capitalise on the collective power we have and desire to improve the game further,” said Hore.

The CEO said he was impressed that so many different Unions could come together to discuss what was in the best interest of the sport.

“What was great was that self-interest was parked at the door and this was purely about putting the interest of the game first,” he said.

“At present rugby in NSW is unifying for the good of the game. We need to adopt a model that will drive a united vision for the sport and now we have been given a mandate to get on with the reforms we need to make.”

Roger Davis said he was encouraged by the positive outcome of the meeting of all affiliates.

“We are undoubtedly stronger together financially, strategically and on the field and we should all cry out loud with one voice, not many, to all that will listen that we are back, bigger, stronger and more united that we have been for many years and that the organisation that supports our wonderful game is now once again fit for purpose.”

The next step in the process will see time lines developed and documentation assembled for further review and discussion with reforms adopted as soon as early next year.






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